1Does the hair transplant hurt
During the hair transplant we use local aenesthesia, thus patients do not feel any pain while having the treatment. 

2Will there be remaining scars after the hair transplant? 
Thanks to the FUE2 Safe System method we use, there won't be remaining traces of the hair transplant neither on the donor, nor on the implanted areas.  

3Should my hair be cut short before the hair transplantation? 
Our doctors carry out the hair transplantation under a magnifying glass, thus the hair has to be cut 3 mm short before the intervention in all cases. 

4Who carries out the consultation? Where are the consultations available? 
At our clinic only higly trained hair transplant specialists carry out the consultations. The personal consultations are available in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Liverpool and Dublin. 

5Who carries out the treatment? 
At our clinic, only qualified doctors carry out hair transplant surgeries. Thus you can be sure that the implanted hairs will grow back, and the result will be aesthetical.

6Is there a guarantee on hair transplantation?
If less than 80% of the hairs implanted with the FUE2 Safe System technique grow back in 12-18 months after the treatment, we reimplant the missing amount of hair free of charge. 

7How long is the recovery time? How many days do I have to take off?
We suggest our patients to take 1 week off after the surgery, and return to work after the 1st week's check-up, if their surgeon confirms that everything is fine. 

8When and where should I go for the check-ups after the treatment?
The check-ups take place 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year after the treatment. You can send us photos for the check-ups. 

9When can I see the final result?
The final result is visible 1 year after the treatment. 

10What can I do if I am completely bald?
Unfortunately, hair transplantation cannot help completely bald men. Hair transplant can only be a definitive solution for patients who have sufficient donor area.

*HairPalace Hair Transplant Disclaimer: During hair implantation, the results may vary depending on individuals. 

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1We carried out more than 5500 successful surgeries in the last 10 years. Our international hair transplant clinic is specialised in treating male patients exclusively. 

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  • Clothing for the treatment 
  • Medication package after the intervention
  • 5 check-ups
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